Was Mets pitcher Matt Harvey defacing Miller Park with illegal chewing tobacco?

April 3rd marked the beginning of the tobacco-free era at Miller Park in Milwaukee. For everyone except, apparently, Mets 5.63 ERA pitcher Matt Harvey.

matt harvey chew
Smokeless tobacco is glamorous.
Katie Delong reports, "The Milwaukee Common Council in November approved via a 14-1 vote a ban on chewing tobacco at Milwaukee sports venues. The move is meant to discourage Major League baseball players from “dipping” during games in Milwaukee. Supporters of the ban said it’s a bad example for kids to see their idols doing something that’s bad for their health."

matt harvey tobacco
Matt Harvey is nobody's idol.
“Opening Day is a time when so many of baseball’s greatest traditions return for the season,” Michael Murphy, the alderman who sponsored the ordinance said in a statement. “But, this year, I’m proud that Milwaukee can lead the way on a new tradition with the elimination of smokeless tobacco products from every sports venue in the city.”

“Smokeless tobacco harms the health of those who use it, causing oral, pancreatic and esophageal cancer as well as other health problems such as gum disease, tooth decay and mouth lesions,” Bevan Baker, commissioner of health said in the statement. “Ensuring that Major League baseball players promote healthy behaviors on the field is a welcome step in the continued fight against tobacco’s threat to public health.”

“Youth will no longer see baseball players using a deadly and addictive product on the field when they attend games at Miller Park or elsewhere in Milwaukee,” Sue Marten, coordinator of the Tobacco-Free Suburban Milwaukee & Ozaukee coalition said in the statement. “That’s good for baseball players and good for our kids who view them as role models.”

Yet nothing settles a walk tossing HR giving up pitcher's nerves better than straight to the bloodstream tobacco.

You be the judge.

Even MLB.com gets in on the act. Check out this thumbnail.

And you thought Harvey smoking in the locker room was a bad look.

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