Boomer Esiason had Noah Syndergaard sounding like a complete & utter idiot today

Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard joined Boomer & Carton today. Boomer asked him if he regretted not getting the MRI.

No, not really.

Esiason asked the out indefinitely on the DL with a partial lat muscle tear if he is going to change his fugazi offseason workout routine due to the injury.

Um, no - not really. I take a lot of pride in the way I train. I like to think I train in a smart way. I wanna be as strong as possible try to be as much like Nolan Ryan. You know that guy was all about lifting and training hard and he was able to pitch to he was 48, so.

Uhhhh, at the end of the day I still feel pretty good

And then Boomer pounced. Ryan's trainer, Tom House, had said earlier this year that Syndergaard's injury was 'waiting to happen.' Morons like Syndergaard think Nolan was 'all about lifting and training hard' and nobody on the Mets is there to correct him. House stated, "Unfortunately, this is an injury waiting to happen by the second week of June. Unless you're picking up a ball while you're getting stronger, you're just adding muscle that doesn't know how to throw. It's unskilled muscle ... There's a 60 to 63 percent likelihood [of getting injured]. I'm sure he feels great today, I'm sure he's throwing well. But what he's done is the worst-case scenario."

House concluded, "The best-case scenario is that he added 17 pounds of skilled muscle that's trained to throw. But he didn't. That’s why I'm concerned about this."

And Esiason asked, "At the end of the day, I wonder if you think you overdid it just a little too much."

Um, the end of the day I still feel pretty good. I feel like I was able to leave my workouts every day feeling accomplished feeling I was doing the right thing to stay healthy...just a series of unfortunate events but you know I'm working hard to get back on the mound right now.

Complete and utter ahole who can't help himself sounds and acts that stupid and no one on the New York Mets is there to correct this dunce? At the end of the day I still feel pretty good? You do? You're on the DL and probably out for the damn season.

That is some Ivy League executive staff Sandy Alderson has put together.

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