Don La Greca rips Phil Mushnick over Michelle Beadle bikini barb

Phil Mushnick had a problem with Michelle Beadle (the best, smartest, gets it, bar none, person in sports media) posting a picture of herself on Instagram on her recent vacation.

michelle beadle instagram bikini
Mushnick is gonna hate this!

Outrage doesn’t ‘suit’ Beadle

The next time ESPN’s Michelle Beadle plays her outraged, female broadcast journalist hand to counter sexism — she hammered Charles Barkley for it — consider this:

Beadle recently distributed via Twitter another photo of herself in a bikini. What’s the point? Why does she feel they’re important to share with the public? Or is she another selectively indignant female broadcast journalist phony working both sides for attention?

Or perhaps ESPN, which could end it, insisted on it.

Don La Greca defended MB. And it was a very well thought out defense. Well, except for the fact that every La Greca rant is forced and sounds fake (AND Peter Rosenberg giggling and subtracting from the content, like ESPN's very own Jerry Recco, does not make for good radio).

See now - if someone transcribed that...great stuff. Yelled by Don with Rosenberg snickering nearby (during serious content) it loses some punch.

But at least it didn't have much of this.

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