Draw your own conclusions on Mike Francesa screaming at Kim Jones

Jeffrey Herzberg writes, ""Kim, don't put words in my mouth!" (But he would gladly take a burger...or 7.)" More Faves says, "Kim is GREAT. She's trolling him the whole time and the big lug is clueless."

While Joe from Toms River has a different take: "More Faves - not really. She's defending an immature a-hole because she covers the team and has to stay in his good graces. The fact that she refers to Beckham as "OBJ" at a certain point during this spot totally destroys her credibility. Kim sounds like a total jock sniffer."

Cha Fry was not happy. "She did this shit on purpose. Trying to be opposite of Mike and really "make a name" for herself. Pathetic." Victor Cotto added, "Kim wants to be friends with these athletes and placates to these idiots. That's a major problem with her personality. Kim is worthless... she is a horrid "reporter" and her insight is always garbage."

Complete staged bullship.

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