Michelle Caruso-Cabrera destroyed Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Toby Cosgrove on healthcare reform

The Cleveland Clinic's Dr.Toby Cosgrove talked about Obamacare v the current reform bill on Squawk Box this morning. The Dr. stated that hospitals lose money on Medicaid and Medicare patients and that they try and make it up by gouging patients with insurance. He went on to point out that Obamacare massively increased folks on Medicare (the covered!).

And then CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera destroyed him on it and on how Obamacare was supposed to 'fix all that'. Leaving him to babble a newly minted 2nd answer (over and over again), "It's about the cost of healthcare."

Of course a big part of the problem is the cost because docs and hospitals do not compete...but to admit they gouge those with health insurance to 'make up' for the charity care is a sickening thing. As CEO and President Dr. Cosgrove presides over an $8 billion healthcare system!

Embarrassing. And? We've seen first hand a hospital salivate at a patient coming in with either Caid or Care - ching ching - unnecessary billings here we go!

These are the folks running healthcare. Here's a novel idea: If you come into a hospital for services...you pay for them. Ya know? Like the plumber and mechanic...

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