One armed 8th grade catcher Luke Terry threw out the 1st pitch for the Braves last night

Luke Terry, a Braves fan who plays baseball despite having only one arm, throws out the first pitch and discusses his love of the game.

Terry is a 14-year-old eighth-grade catcher at Cornersville Middle School in Tennessee. Luke lost his right arm when he was 19 months old after contracting E. coli.

"They put the PICC line in his arm (to treat the E. coli)," said Dana Terry, Luke's mother. "And the bacteria went to his arm, where the PICC line was. It just started eating his arm away.

"They had to put (the PICC line) in because he had to have so many shots and blood drawn so much that his veins were just mush."

Dana said her son flatlined on the operating table three times during that time in his life.

Today? The 8th grader is a catcher.

Watch this catch, glove drop, pop and throw.

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