Wall Township (NJ) HS teacher Susan Parsons reportedly suspended for Anti-Trump censorship

Remember those celebs predicting 'There will be no President Trump'? Someone or somebodies at failing Wall Township (New Jersey) High School wanted to make it true again: Photoschopping out 3 students' Donald Trump shirts in this year's yearbook.

Grant Berardo was one with full photographic evidence.

And now the good news - Superintendent Cheryl Dyer, on this since the beginning, has suspended the yearbook adviser pending board direction according to the Asbury Park Press.

Superintendent Dyer said Monday that the teacher, who she declined to name, was suspended "pending further disciplinary action" from the school board.

On the high school's website, the yearbook club's adviser is listed as Susan Parsons. According to public records, she collected an $87,950 salary last year.

"I don't have definitive answers to all of my questions yet, but I knew enough at this point to get board approval to take that action," Dyer said.

Dyer declined to identify what disciplinary action could be taken. Termination would require the board to file tenure charges against her.

According to her LinkedIn page, Parsons has worked in the district for 15 years.

On her yearbook class's website within the district homepage, Parsons includes "photo editing" as one of the "real world skills" that students learn during yearbook production.

Parsons aforementioned web site also contains an eerily Obama hopesque filtered photograph.

In a statement released Sunday night, Wall school board President Allison Connolly said the board "found the allegations of wrongdoing disturbing and take the charge that students have had their free speech rights infringed upon very seriously."

Kim Keator, executive secretary to superintendent Dyer, said her boss suspended the yearbook adviser. “The superintendent is outraged and very upset,” Keator said, “and doing everything she can right now to get to the bottom of this and have it corrected.”

Parsons, a Rowan and Georgian Court graduatie, and a rep for her union could not be immediately reached for comment on Monday.

**Update - this may be a pattern at Wall Township HS.

**Update 2 -- They're reprinting the yearbook.

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