Boomer & Carton slobbered over the Mayweather / McGregor presser due to its CBS connection

The stupid Floyd Mayweather / Conor McGregor press conference trended NOWHERE except on the Boomer & Carton show. Why? CBS owns Esiason and Craig. CBS owns Showtime. CBS Sports Network broadcasts their show. Showtime is putting on the bogus fight.

Follow the money. Everything the two complain about ESPN doing - they do it.

And then Boomer Esiason, complete in his too tight shirt and Dunlop gut, did this:

Almost as bad as CBS continuing to let Jerry Recco ruin segment after segment. Yesterday 'Boomer and Carton: Adolphus Washington arrested' was the best uploaded discussion from the show. NOWHERE was IT embedded, however...because Recco's moronic guffawing destroyed it.

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