CBS never offered to extend Mike Francesa through Super Bowl 52

Mike Francesa refused to make his 2016 NFL picks for Week 4 because of an argument with management at CBS/WFAN over the ending date of his contract. Francesa wanted to extend until Friday February 2, 2018. CBS said no go and he pouted.

Yesterday on air a caller asked him why he wasn't wrapping up with Super Bowl 52. Francesa said he was leaving 12/15/17 because December is the end of his contract "but that WFAN offered me the chance to extend until the Super Bowl."

We immediately got a text:

No they did not. CBS never acquiesced to let Mike do one more radio row. Did not happen.

So we replied: Does that mean there's no chance of Francesa staying at this point?

Their reply? Never say never.

You know...Francesa's landing spot could have him start in January and build to a Super Bowl Contest! (That is - if he can get an official NFL sponsor...)

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