Craig Carton mocked ESPN's MMD 30 for 30's disgraceful ratings as Chris Russo

Bryan Monzó, who currently is employed as Mike Francesa's producer, probably not going to catch on with Craig Carton after Mike leaves. Earlier today Carton asked out loud why Monzo has copyrighted WWE video on his WFAN Twitter account. Then, after outing Chris Mad Dog Russo as an 'ahole backstabber' -- Craig was back at Monzó's claim that everyone wanted the awardless ratings deprived documentary to be longer. After live tweeting the ratings failure, Bryan tweeted when Francesa and Russo called into Kim Jones and Mark Malusis (to talk, yet again, the 30 for 30 docu):

Everyone wanted the documentary to be longer. Mike and Dog just did on hour with @MarcMalusis and @KimJonesSports

Craig Carton, "Why?!"


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