FAIL: Ratings & opportunity challenged Mike Francesa 'open to 1 year WFAN extension'

Mike Francesa refused to make 2016 week 4 NFL picks because WFAN wouldn't extend his contract.

Then, one week to the day, Francesa claimed, "WFAN offered me the chance to extend until the Super Bowl" but that he said no.

Except he was lying, they never made that offer. Our sources said, "No they did not. CBS never acquiesced to let Mike do one more radio row. Did not happen." And when we asked, 'So they would never revisit extending him?' They replied, "Never say never."

And Francesa jumped right back in after our report. SamSpinChat writes, "Mike Francesa says he is open to 1 year contract...then backed away and said he didn't mean it...while repeating it several times later."

Got that?
  • Francesa refuses to make picks because he's pissed they wouldn't extend him. 
  • Then he says they did offer to extend him and he said no.
  • ONE WEEK later he says he'd be open to the extension he just said he turned down.
Boy...those future plans must be thoroughly moist.

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