Massive disappointment as Mike & the Mad Dog 30 - 30 shut out of awards at Tribeca Film Festival

The “30 for 30” documentary on Mike & the Mad Dog (above) premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival April 21, 2017. Francesa called it the 'highlight' of the festival and stated that it may even win an Oscar.

There's no way we can lose!

Basking in a false glow as the duo ended its months long promotion of the documentary crushing word came that it has won nothing.


The jurors for the 2017 Documentary Competition were R.J. Cutler, Alma Har’el, Barbara Kopple, Anne Thompson, and David Wilson.

Best Documentary Feature – Bobbi Jene, directed by Elvira Lind (USA, Denmark, Israel). Winner receives $20,000, sponsored by Netflix, and the art award “THE REAPER” by Sterling Ruby. The award was given by Barbara Kopple.

Jury Comments: “In a diverse field of worthy films, one work captivated our jury with its exquisite blend of emotional depth and rigorous craft. Fulfilling the promise of classic cinema verité, where camera serves as both observer and provocation, this film connected two artists, filmmaker and subject, pushing nonfiction intimacy to bold new places. Our winner documents the deeply personal process of a brilliant woman finding her voice – paired with a director whose own artistic vision dances elegantly with that of her subject. We the jury give the Best Documentary Feature to Elvira Lind’s Bobbi Jene.”

Best Documentary Cinematography – Elvira Lind for Bobbi Jene (USA, Denmark, Israel). Winner receives $2,500.

Jury Comments: “For the film’s extraordinary relationship to an artist who is willing to go bare not only in performance but in stunningly intimate scenes that are poetic, honest and moving, seemingly without barriers between camera and subject, we give Best Cinematography to Elvira Lind for Bobbi Jene.”

Best Documentary Editing – Adam Nielson for Bobbi Jene (USA, Denmark, Israel). Winner receives $2,500. The award was given by David Wilson.

Jury Comments: “For a film whose precise economy of construction creates space for the rich sensual palette of a committed artist going through a life change, and whose internal rhythms mirror the art it portrays, we give Best Editing to Adam Nielson for Bobbi Jene.”

Special Jury Mention – True Conviction. “For its compelling storytelling and for introducing us to three heroic characters who transform the injustice they suffered into active change, we give a Special Jury Mention for Best Documentary Feature to Jamie Meltzer’s True Conviction.”

Sad...sad. Given Mike's recent 6th place finish in the ratings - his last year is not going well.

Mike Francesa returns from vacation Monday with the bad news piling up like his belly rolls at the beach...

Good luck with that Oscar.

**Update - the television ratings for the Mike and the Mad Dog 30 for 30 are in...and they're terrible.

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