Mike Francesa admits to TMZ that he fell asleep on air once...because his kid was in the hospital

Mike Francesa is not a fan of his photoshops and did not fall asleep on-air, ok? Recall what Francesa said in the days following the nodding off he did during a Sweeni Murti update back in September 2009:

"I was never asleep," Mike Francesa said on his WFAN show about his sleeping during the Murti Yankees report. "I promise you."

"I did close my eyes during the Sweeni interview for a minute and it was on TV and that's become this big bone of contention because I guess everything we do on this show does. But I can promise you as you can go listen to the interview I was never asleep. I promise you. And I promise I'll never close my eyes again nor will I come in without sleeping because my wife says I can't do that anymore."

Here's Mike not sleeping during the Murti report.

Over the weekend TMZ hijacked Francesa in the City. Now? He promises he has a darn good reason for falling asleep - his kid was in the hospital, all night, with a asthma attack. And now it's become his wife even told him not to go to work.

Francesa also fell asleep in 2009.

And then again in 2014. Not once but...twice.

Wonder who was in the hospital those nights.

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