SiriusXM couldn't pay me enough to reunite with Mad Dog: Mike Francesa

Mike Francesa with the odd mix of BS and who knows what to Rich Eisen on his future:

"I'm not at liberty to say - that's the agreement we have. You know they were very conscious of that they didn't want another situation like they had they kept mentioning that they didn't want a situation like they had with Howard when the last year was all about where he was going and they had a very bad relationship. They wanted this to be a very good relationship it has been so the deal is I can't state anything or agree to anything until after 12/15/17."

Yep...CBS and Francesa has been peachy. And the lunacy of the above statement is, as is always the case, refuted by the fact that for instance Rich Eisen on 7/11 is still asking where he is going when the contract with WFAN is up!

Asked about a reunion, gag, with jock sniffer Chris Russo, Francesa stated, "Probably remote, because the economics aren't in place..."

Just last week Russo was on with Stern trying to turn it (Francesa not going to Sirius) into an 'I was here first' thing instead of a 'he wants more money thing.'

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