Watch Rachel Moore jump in & disappear down the Rabbit Hole at Reach Falls in Jamaica

Josh and Rachel are in Jamaica at Reach Falls...and Rachel just jumped in the rabbit hole.

Via imgur: "Once inside the hole, we ended up in a real cool hidden cave where there was one tiny waterfall coming into the cave from a different hole. Most of my torso was above water and it seemed like there was enough room down here for all six of us with some additional breathing room. That extra space alleviated some of the claustrophobia concerns some of us had.

Then, we had to duck our heads briefly under water to re-emerge into an open-air mini-gorge where we had to duck our heads once again to get into yet another cave (though this was significantly smaller than the first one). Finally, we had to hold our breath one last time and go through the back of the waterfall before us to re-emerge out near the base of the overall falls."

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