KD: What boxer 1980 to present could give Mayweather a run for his money

Floyd Mayweather will mop the mat with Connor McGreggor

But I was thinking about who, from 1980 – Present, could give Mayweather a run for his money.

Here is my Top 5*

#1: Julio Cesar Chavez ~ Chavez would take everything Mayweather threw at him and keep on coming. Chavez would eat five punches just to land one. And the one he landed would hurt. By the 12th Round that would take its' toll. Just ask Meldrick Taylor. Chavez, the most technically sound boxer I've ever seen, would TKO Floyd Mayweather.

#2 Alexis Arguello ~ Nicaraguan hero Alexis Arguello was another boxer who could just eat all the jabs Mayweather threw at him and hit him with a haymaker that puts Floyd to sleep. He fought for shoes as a 12 year old.

#3 Sugar Ray Leonard ~ Now, this would probably be an extremely boring fight. Both were defensive wizards in the ring but Leonard was probably the most intelligent boxer ever – and Floyd Mayweather is a close second. But at the end of the day, Sugar Ray figured out how to win fights he lost (See: Marvin Haggler).

#4 Aaron Pryor ~ Pryor is just my All-Time favorite boxer and he never lost until he was completely cracked out. I would put Pryor in his prime against pretty much anyone and I am pretty sure he would win.

#5 Thomas Hearns ~ Tommy “The Hitman” probably wouldn't win, but it would be a fun fight to watch!

(*Within 135-155 lb weight classes)


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