Sadly, Matthew Stafford is worth $27 million a year...

The new high-water mark in the NFL is Matthew Stafford at $27 million per year and $135 million all-in over 6 years.

KD writes, "Nobody is worth that kind of money. That's just ridiculous. But I wouldn't turn down the Brink's truck backed up at my door either."

In today's NFL - and the sports landscape in general - as long as you get to the playoffs, don't fail a steroids test and don't beat your woman - you get paid. The latter, sadly, is even debatable.

You don't have to be a good guy to get paid in professional sports, although it does help to not run a dog-fighting ring. Stafford seems like a good guy, he at least doesn't have a mug shot or a rap sheet.

Stafford isn't the best QB I've ever seen. But if you're alive in Detroit right now, he's the best QB you've ever seen.

Your salary is about leverage and what happens if you were to quit. Stafford just happens to be the best option at an important position on a team that's been standing on the wrong side of the velvet rope literally forever - forget the velvet rope, The Detroit Lions can't find the party.

If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell just got 5 years and $200 million that means the money is flowing like a Texas flood in Houston, you KNOW the owners are pocketing double that at least. It should trickle all the way down to the Rank & File.

The alternative is being the New York Jets. Woody Johnson would cut off his pinkie finger in Buckingham Palace with the same scalpel that circumcised Prince Charles to get Matthew Stafford. So would that Beverly Hillbilly up in Buffalo.

Love The One You're With...Hang on for dear life and hope for the best.


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