Moronic NJ 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy asks if FBI tipped Gov. Christie off on Craig Carton arrest

If you are not familiar with NJ 101.5 -- it is an only listenable on the weekends New Jersey radio station. Weekdays it is filled with dopey talk hacks who, much like bigger stations' update boys, have to take on 2nd and third jobs hosting comedy shows or podcasts. Enter one Dennis Malloy. Dennis, in light of the Craig Carton arrest, writes:

What some of us in the media are wondering about is Gov. Chris Christie.

What did he know and when did he know it?

I’m not suggesting he had anything to do with the scheme, however weeks ago, he abruptly pulled out of the running for a job at the same sports talk station his buddy Craig Carton worked for.

Some said the management there didn’t think he was good enough, but the governor said he just wasn’t interested. Reeeeaaallllly?!

His personal lawyer through the Bridgegate scandal, Christopher Wray, is now the director of the FBI. Hmmmm. Maybe he mentioned to his friend Gov. Christie to get out of the building and away from Carton before the whole thing blows up in a few weeks. Smart move. Good friend.

It pays to have good friends in important positions, especially when you pal around with unpredictable edgy guys like Craig Carton. Nothing wrong with that, just curious timing and an interesting twist.

Everybody 'in the media' knows that Governor Chris Christie completely lied about turning WFAN down. Just a lot of P-O-S nobodies trying to make a name for themselves on their former successful co-worker.

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