DO NOT buy furniture from Macy's until you read this

And we're not talking about their fugazi '10 day price reduction' policy either. Recall we were in the process of buying a couch and loveseat from Macy's 4 years ago and we decided not to due to a lying CSR. Well, we made the mistake of winding up buying a Natuzi built 'Italsofa' from them a few months later anyway.

A year or so in and one of the cushions was kaput. Rendering that side of the couch unusable (no kid family, no 300 pound slob family).

Now roughly 4 years old we decided to cut the bottom open as a 2nd cushion is staring to go too. And we found this:

That is cracked plastic backed cushions. Missing from not one but all the cushions.

That right there is not wear and tear. That's class action like terrible construction on a $1000 dollar or so couch. Type: Italsofa Maker: NATUZZI CHINA.

Reached out to Macy's to see if they're still using Natuzzi and we haven't gotten a straight answer. Buy at your own risk.

Update - hired a handyman to 'fix' the sofa. (Actually doing what should have been done by Natuzi in the first place.)

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