The code in NJ Gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy's ads is stunning

Do you really want to look at this for 4 years after looking at this for 8?

Listen to a Phil Murphy ad. Billions more in state funds for public schools? Getting rid of billions in tax breaks for corporations (like his buddy Cory Booker and NJ's pharmaceuticals?). That means higher taxes for you.

'Build' a 'fairer' economy? Billions 'invested' in public schools? 'Invested' in small businesses? 'Invested' in infrastructure?

Invest is code for spend billions New Jersey doesn't have and tax you, the middle class, to pay for it. ('Invested' in small businesses is the most comical. Invested AND trying to forced a $15 dollar minimum wage. You know what that equals = less jobs and businesses going out.)

Phil Murphy is, basically, Edna Krabappel. And that code with the 'investments' means taxes.

Phil Murphy is a tax and spend and bankrupt you politician with no insider friends to work with. He has run for governor spending millions of dollars on ads for 2 years and still can't answer even simple questions. Phil Murphy wants to make New Jersey even more sympathetic to terrorists even as one sits on trial for the Seaside bombings.

This is the best we could do.

Read this take by the Post's Nicole Gelinas. It is spot on. Will Jersey voters fall for happy fantasies?

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