Failed NJ gov Chris Christie tells breathless Mike Francesa 'Christie v NCAA' is a go before the Supremes on 12/4/17

The Betfair Casino TV reps can't get their teeth fixed -- and the Sportsbook's 'Casino in your Kitchen' certainly has done little to nothing to ease New Jersey taxes. Now Chris Christie tells an out of breath Mike Francesa that Chris Christie v. NCAA, No. 16-476 is going to be orally argued to the Supreme Court on December 4, 2017.

And one last note on the stupidity of the $15 minimum wage. A) No further summer jobs for HS or college students. Book it.

And worse? B) Take a biz where there is a career path for those with no college degree but where they do have some smarts - bank tellers. BOA brings you in at say, $10/hr. 6 months you're the head teller and you're at $14. A year later you are a CSR and BOA gets you to $41,600. Year or two later you're an asst manager and you're topping near $50K.

Yeah, that goes away. Because BOA is not paying several new never worked in banking teller $15 bucks an hour.

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