Massive Fail: WIP Chris Carlin announcing his move to NY to replace Mike Francesa

WIP's Chris Carlin, spitting all over his microphone due to his gigantic tongue and using more 'uh uh uh ums uh uh' than should be humanly possible, announced his move to NY to replace Mike Francesa.

"Uh...uh...and, you know...uh...uh...uh, you know...uh...and and, I I, uh uh um um" = professional broadcaster right there.

Holy christ - no more FAN. This guy ums, uhs, and you knows more than the uneducated slob he's replacing. Hear it. HEAR IT any time you tune in. Oh, and as an aside - who brings more estrogen to the booth - the overweight Carlin or I can't stop talking about nothing Maggie Gray?

Estrogen dominance is not a good thing.

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