Phillydotcom: WFAN getting their 4th, 5th, & 6th choices as Mike Francesa's replacements

No more FAN.

Phillydotcom reports that Chris Carlin, Maggie Gray, and Bart Scott will be the failed trio replacing Mike Francesa.

And they are only there because Kim Jones, Max Kellerman, and, unreal loser Chris Simms, all turned the job down.

No more FAN.

Gray, who likes small sample sizes, is best known for talking for 77 straight seconds without taking a breath.

Scott, a douche who once threatened Dan Leberfeld, made fun of Jay Cutler's diabetes, has trouble with the English language and is best known for not wanting to wait and then waiting for 3 quarters before waking up.

You may recall Carlin from his days at WFAN. He was the Mike & the Mad Dog producer addressed in that ADL letter to WFAN complaining about Mike Francesa's Jew hating loyalty oaths. What did that loyalty buy him? Mike Francesa calling him a clown.

Another big fan? Imus.

7 months ago when asked about the job, Carlin lied: "I am in Philly and I am not going anywhere. I hate to see Mike go and when I watched that Mike and The Mad Dog “30 for 30” at Tribeca, there’s some hope they can somehow get together. I would just like to see it at WFAN, but I just don’t think it’s going to happen. I watched the documentary the other night and I teared up just thinking about how good it was."

Oh, and you'll love his spit spraying form of speaking.

Here's what WFAN looks like in 6 months if this is truly the new lineup.

No more FAN.

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