Classic Video: Mike Francesa completely wrong on NCAA rules after Tate George's 1990 shot

Here's the actual NCAA determining the end of game rule:

In games with a 10th-of-a-second game clock display and where an official courtside monitor is used, the reading of zeros on the game clock is to be used to determine whether a try for goal, a shot-clock violation or a foul occurred before or after the expiration of time in any period. When the game clock is not visible, the officials shall verify the original call with the use of the red/LED light(s). When the red/LED light(s) are not visible, the sounding of the game-clock horn shall be utilized. When definitive information is unattainable with the use of the monitor, the original call stands.

Got that? Clock, light, horn. In that order.

Mike Francesa in 1990 after Tate George's last second shot: "The game's not over, don't watch the clock, don't watch the light above the basket. The game is over when the horn sounds."

Mike Francesa. Getting it wrong for decades.

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