Watch this angel save a wild rabbit from certain death in the hell that is the LA fires

A man saved a wild rabbit from certain death in the LA fires.

As we saw yesterday - California is hell. (But there are some angels as seen above.) Amazing that a state that bad is filled with Senators as bad as Dianne Feinstein. (She's been there since 1992. Says a lot about failing California...) Phil Mushnick adds:
We hear that GQ Magazine soon will name LaVar Ball its “Parent of the Year.”

Actually, the greater blame and shame for the Ball Family Farce En Force lies with UCLA for playing the father’s transparent — even disturbingly honest — one-and-done game. Then again, had UCLA declined to play along, dozens of other “schools” would have come knocking.

LaVar Ball has decided where his youngest sons will play next
Reader Tom Lake asks if LiAngelo Ball’s UCLA academic grades will be registered as “incompletes.” Don’t know, but although he never played a game for the Bruins, the kid did get to experience a different culture while visiting China.

What a con. UCLA, a taxpayer-funded school, paid football coach Jim Mora, the highest paid state employee, $12.5 million to go away.

He goes away with $12.5MM. While new state and county employees donate (yes, donate) 8% of their salaries to the state's failing pension fund. If they leave their jobs within 5 years they don't get their own contributions back!

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