Recently fired and still unemployed Mike Francesa just can't shut up about Jason Kelce (& hating his wife)

Last week Mike Francesa called Jason Kelce's embarrassing obscenity lased parade 'speech' “profanity-laced stupidity" by a "moron" adding “Nobody wants to hear that! If I were the owner of the team, I’d cut him.”

Today, still with nothing to do but grow fatter, Francesa went on WIP and said that he had overreacted. "I wouldn't cut him. I apologize to him for that. I just wish he would have raised his vocabulary a little bit."

"I went back last night and watched the thing in its entirety and I have to say, it was not as bad as I thought it was...I wish he didn't use any profanity because it would have been a classic. It was really well done and he did a great job."

Mike also admitted he hates his wife. "When there is a big moment, when there is a big game, you end up yelling at your wife...I always planned to come back and do something."

Sucks when one needs a job and has to make nice to every idiot in the tri-state area.

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