Unclever Boomer Esiason completely redoing Craig Carton's 2015 LeBron James to the Knicks bullsh*t is stupid radio

Boomer Esiason has no direction. Not from PD Mark Chernoff and not from so called EP Al Dukes. So what is he doing this morning? He's rehashing the entire then WFAN’s Craig Carton's shtick of: “If LeBron Wins In New York, THEN He’ll Be Considered The Best Ever.”

Stupid then. Worse now. Worse now because it's as stale as it gets. Almost as bad as Boomer & Gio stating that Josh McDaniels staying with the Patriots is 'disgusting' -- all the while, despite 3 stupid updates per hour...absolutely no mention of that twice deported illegal alien (with past DUI offense) charged in the death of Colts LB Edwin Jackson & his friend.

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