Clowns Chris Carlin & Bart Scott remained sitting stuffing their fat faces during the national anthem at Saturday's Mets / Yankees game

John C, proud American, writes, "Carlin and Scott sitting during National Anthem at Last Saturday’s Yanks Mets game. Maggie was respectful enough to stand. Disgraceful."

Yep, that's the Terrible Trio below at George M. Steinbrenner Field. Clowns Bart Scott and Chris Carlin didn't have the respect to stand during the national anthem despite Maggie Gray (and everyone else for that matter) showing them proper etiquette.

wfan chris carlin bart scott maggie gray national anthem

Yeah, shove that weiner down your throat, pimp, while every other single person (including the 8 year old) stand at attention.

And, of course, it appears as if CC has already finished scoffing down his.

Hey, this is just what the Terrible Trio do do...and they should have been fired long, long ago. Brandon Tierney, up!

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