Didn't Joe Benigno share his NJDiet DNA results with his healthcare providers to make critical decisions about his health?

joe benigno gabapentin

You know that with NJDiet using DNA testing over 40 different factors are assessed genetically to make sure you keep weight off and stay healthy. These DNA results can always be used by any of your health care providers to make critical decisions about your health.

Surprisingly it seems like WFAN's Joe Benigno didn't go get his tested so he could share and make those critical decisions heading into his latest surgery.

But don't you worry. WFAN caller Steven in Harrington Park, with no idea as to what Benigno's latest issue is, was quick to recommend he pick up the often misued Gabapentin for his woes.

Yep, let's mix some Neurontin with pain killers...SMH.

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