Jerry Recco hears jokes no one else hears as he ruins Boomer & Gio

jerry recco
This is hysterical! Guffawing level. Everyone is finding this as hilarious as I am...

Boomer & Gio are already struggling year over year v Boomer & Carton.

Prediction: Sid Rosenberg will take even more of a bite out of their ratings.

And if they don't dump the threesome that Jerry Recco's gonna be a big bite.

Everyone except WFAN realizes that the Terrible Trio sucks. Not just because they can't speak English but because 3 doesn't work.

So Entercom, CBS, et al. sticks moron Jerry Recco into Boomer & Gio...making it a threesome that doesn't work every single minute he's on.

Oh, the above hysteria? Let's check out Esiason's reaction side by side.

jerry recco
Boomer sums up the WFAN audience whenever Jerry Recco is on...
Later in the radio program as Booms was going NUTZ laughing at a co-host Gio bit? Recco refused to even crack a smile.

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