The Post's Andrew Marchand just took like 30 paragraphs to confirm Mike Francesa is unemployed & looking

Told you back in October 2017 that fired Mike Francesa didn't have any job post WFAN lined up. That forced Mike to claim he wasn't fired but then Sid confirmed it. Just last month after he admitted yelling at his wife we wrote, "Sucks when one needs a job and has to make nice to every idiot in the tri-state area."

The Post's Andrew Marchand (why Marchand writing Phil Mushnick's column mid-week is anyone's guess) decided the 3 sentences above needed the 30 some paragraph treatment today. Here's 3:

Francesa has spoken to the subscriber-based, two-year-old startup The Athletic, according to sources. The Athletic is predominantly based in the written word and not in Francesa’s audio background.

The site did just raise an additional $20 million, which included money from CAA, a top talent agency. Francesa, according to a source, is working with CAA. Francesa said he hadn’t signed with anyone, but declined to say he wasn’t working with anyone. A CAA spokesperson declined comment.

While a source said there is no current match with The Athletic, the CAA relationship probably will lead to whatever is next for Francesa. It also a sign that Francesa, who hasn’t had an agent for years, realizes he now needs some help in figuring out his future.

No shit.

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