WFAN's Eddie Scozzare absolutely put insufferable Yankees announcer John Sterling in his place

While Boomer & Gio talked about the absolute stupidity of John Sterling's home run calls (yet another reason to switch off the show during upcoming Jerry Recco updates) Gionnatti was absolutely stunned to hear that asshole Sterling told the Times his Giancarlo Stanton call is an Italian phrase that rhymes.

GG: The man is not Italian, so why are we going Italian with this? Does John Sterling not know he's not Italian or is he just not caring about that?

Eddie Scozzare (much to the chagrin of do nothing Al Dukes): "It's not about Giancarlo's ethnicity, it's about John Sterling... come on now."

GG: I know but, uh, I don't know...


Nice when even co-workers are so sick of your it's all about me bullshit that they call you on your all about me bullshit.

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