Audio: Boomer & Gio go at 'classless' Mike Francesa & Chris Russo for ripping WFAN's failing Terrible Trio

New York's #6 is pissed folks do not like English language challenged #12's Terrible Trio.

Chris Russo on the spiraling out of control bad WFAN last week on something called High Heat on MLB Network, "I'll tell you right now before you know it they'll be no one on WFAN - I guarantee it."

Mike Francesa, "Who's leaving? Joe Benigno?"

Today Boomer & Gio (obviously hurt emotionally by the slight), pulled in Mark Chernoff, the architect of the garbage that is the Terrible Trio, and returned fire and all that other stuff.

Funny how Boomer did a Craig Carton redux and used it as his own. (SiriusXM is witness protection...that's just funny, original stuff.) And how Esiason can mock that clown Bart Scott's incoherent attempts at speaking English while Craig Carton kills them as well. Just not Russo and Francesa.

In a related story, the world now awaits Francesa's announcement of what his next job is.

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