Boomer Esiason's retort to 'dingbat' Sid Rosenberg's 'chicken sh*t' line as weak as you'd expect

WFAN, resorting to more and more desperate shtick, had Mark Chernoff in studio today after he apparently replied to a listener who felt Gregg Giannotti looked 'like a fat little troll.' The always quick Boomer Esiason, just minutes after referring to the Red Sox as 'just murdering people, man' on Patriots Day...seized the opportunity to clear his throat and return fire at Sid Rosenberg calling him 'chicken shit.'

How? By weakly telling Chernoff that, "You have some set of stones by sending back to some arbitrary listener who's probably Sid Rosenberg some dingbat that you thought you were actually going to respond to."

And all that other stuff.

Wow, strong stuff.

And never forget - Chernoff is the guy who puts Jerry Recco out there every hour for 20 minutes AND hired the Terrible Trio. Almost as bad as Investors Bank thinking listeners are going to think that their crappy 13 month cd rate is not awful.

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