Brain Dead Boomer Esiason Refers to Red Sox 'Murdering People' on Boston Marathon Terror Attack Anniversary

A brain dead Boomer Esiason tells forlorn co-host Gregg Giannotti that the Boston Marathon is up in Boston on the 5 year anniversary of the terror attacks...before referring to the Red Sox as 'just murdering people, man.'

He's got the co-host with the strongest grasp of sports in the business. The longer WFAN/Entercom waits to empower said co-host to run the show...the more folks are tuning out Esiason's product. Right now thousands of listeners check in on Sid Rosenberg's 'Bernie and Sid Show' during Jerry Recco's horrific updates...and many don't come back. Hundreds tune into Len Berman's offering...and don't come back. And then, at 9am, many check out Craig Carton...and don't come back.

WFAN is spiraling out of control. And one day Giannotti is going to go postal. Might just be today, ya know, given the Boston Marathon is going on today up in Boston.

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