Congress didn't ask Mark Zuckerberg why FB users were asked if pedophiles should be able to ask kids for sex pics?

John Crudele reports of Facebook weirdo Mark Zuckerberg's pedophilia problem:

Surprisingly, nobody last week asked Zuckerberg about the pedophiles who meet on certain Facebook pages.

Congress was mostly interested in how political dirty tricks are played on Facebook and how children can have their IDs stolen. But, I’ll tell you this, children can lose a lot more than their identities on Facebook.

Nothing short of children’s innocence is at stake. You can fix identity theft, but you can’t fix the other bad stuff that can happen to your kids.

I’ve written a lot about Facebook’s pedophile problem. And that particular problem isn’t likely to go away, especially since, deep down, Facebook doesn’t seem to think there is anything wrong with it.

Earlier this month, for instance, it was reported that Facebook polled its users on whether pedophiles should be able to ask children for sexual pictures.

Digest that. Facebook, where you can't get human customer service, POLLED ITS USERS ON WHETHER PEDOPHILES SHOULD BE ABLE TO ASK KIDS FOR SEXUAL PICTURES.

OK, that's enough. Done. For more, read all of John's report right now right here.

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