Craig Carton being held back by his friend Corey Parson

A few weeks ago we reported that Carton & Friends was doing pretty well. We also told folks that it was pretty, pretty good -- because it was. You basically get the Craig Carton you're missing over at WFAN. (Oh, dope would it have been to have had Craig & Gio?)

But now with a larger sample size folks begin to see the wart. Corey Parson. Corey very well may be as bad and as lazy as Jerry Recco when it comes to ruining scenes with his guffawing and not working to change (or, at the very least, laughing into his armpit).

Emailer 'J' asks, "Hey, Blitz? Is Corey Parson to Craig Carton like Bennie the Book was to Gino Felino?"

He may very well be, J. He may very well be.

And now? Carton's added something he's worked his entire career NOT to have. A terrible sidekick? No. A verbal tic. Today he learned about that racist named web site that also advertises and broadcasts on FNTSY. And in just over 5 minutes CC did the unthinkable. He said either "uh" or "um" an astonishing thirty one times.

That's 31.

Of course there was radio ruining laughing. And even Michelle Serpico (who, as a parody of a 'sports update guy' who doesn't know sports besides the UFC is a nice CC touch) got in on the ums and yeahs. (Funny aside about Serpico? Asked if she's seen a big social media increase since the show began, she answered, "Yes." She's currently at 1,706 Twitter followers. SMH)

Don't recall that time Bill Nye walked into an elevator full of THOTS? Damn.

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