Craig Carton: Chris Russo is the dumbest person in radio today

Rick absolutely dumbfounded Chris Russo by playing a Craig Carton rant to him live on air. We told you that Russo lied when he said SiriusXM only 'goes by' subscriptions. Yes, that's the benchmark BUT they know exactly how many listeners Mad Dog has. This morning Craig Carton expanded on that and called Russo the 'dumbest person in radio today.'

[Warning: Corey Parson guffawing instead of smiling or killing his mic ruins portions of the clip and is actually killing portions of this show.]

How come Michelle Serpico doesn't ruin clips with laughing? She adds to it. Parson ruins it. Much like Jerry Recco he came 'this close' to making this clip not postable. And as it's getting posted he's ruining the live broadcast right now. Show, off.

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