Craig Carton killed 'out of touch buffoon' Jim Nantz for his mispronunciation of 'meme' & outed 'Pulse of the People' as fake

The only thing dumber than how Jim Nantz pronounced meme this weekend is this dude Corey's Jerry Recco laugh. That and a 9:20 ET tip tonight which means we will not watch one second of this crap.

Back in 2012, Francesa joined Boomer & Carton. Of the Pulse he said, "Anything you guys won 4 years in a row, I don't want..."

The next year, when he refused to present that year's award, Francesa was asked why he refused to. Uneducated moron Francesa? "Could care less."

10:37 AM ET on Monday, April 2, 2018 and the world weights for the obese Francesa to announce where it is he will be working.

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