FAIL: Almost 3 months TO THE DAY NBC made 'Rich Ross killed Dan Nathan on CNBC...who then told him to piss off' disappear

Evercore's Rich Ross almost reduced RiskReversal's Dan Nathan to tears over his bearish 2016 - 2017 back on January 17th.

We wrote at the time:

Rich Ross - Macro Research Analyst at Evercore ISI, filleted Dan Nathan: "You've been bearish for two years and the stock market's gone up 100% so 'Where are you?' You're not helping people make money! You haven't liked Trump, the market soared, and, take politics aside, you've been wrong so don't say that I'm glib!"

Nathan, welling up, responded: "Piss off."

Today, the clip is gone. Copyright claim by NBC Universal. Weak. Guessing they're gonna bring Ross back.

This is the closest remaining clip.

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