Joe Rogan discussed how legit Steven Seagal's aikido is

The best part of Joe Rogan is - no co-hosts. Maybe a guest but he runs the show on his own. Rogan recently talked Steven Seagal's legitimateness as an aikido practitioner. (Steven is legit, btw. White dude is a 7th-dan black belt master.)

Here's John Leguizamo on Steven hitting...running like a biatch.

Here's the 90 year old judo master.

Here's Seagal performing a pr 7th dan aikido demonstration.

Here's Seagal's Path Beyond Thought.

Joe is 100% on the mark. Steven is really good at aikido. It's just as a martial art - it is limited.

Actually, Steven is still good at it today.

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(And let's be honest -- Ask 100 people to pronounce 'Gethard' and you're getting Get Hard.)

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