NY Post rips YES Network's moronic decision to use that stupid strike zone box

Not only do many tune into YES Network to root for the Yankees but many non-NY fans tune in to root against them. YES Network's stupid ruining of the broadcast by putting that intrusive, worthless, and just plain stupid strike zone box over live play means many of them are not hanging around to watch games. Today, the NY Post went at them for it.

As for YES’ capitulation to the foolish fad in posting that computerized strike-zone box over live pitches, placing any artificial element over live play is anathema to sensible television.

That these single-dimension boxes are frequently misleading, often demonstrably wrong and always irrelevant apparently doesn’t dawn on the gimmick-headed shot-callers.

And if a network claims that its survey shows fans love the box, I have several hundred readers who would like to be surveyed. They find it needlessly distracting, annoying, intrusive and insulting.

Crazy. Yankees fans are stuck with the worst radio broadcast in sports and now their TV salvation has been crucified to boot. Even dumber? MLB hosted videos are f'ed up by the garbage too.

yankees strike zone box

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