The terrible trio clowns responded to Chris Russo & Mike Francesa in a typical weak 'hateful' manner

Bart Scott: "Change is always different."


Maggie Gray: "Let us try and do what we're doing."

That's the problem.

BS: "My resume speaks for itself. You can't ruin my fun with hate."

Lame, the easy to go to hate line. That resume doesn't include a degree in English, baseball, basketball, hockey or college sports, unfortunately.

Chris Carlin: "What bothered me is the notion that somehow we're going anywhere."

We have contracts that WFAN is not going to let us go and pay us no matter how bad the ratings are.

CC: "We're just trying to do this."

Yep, trying.

MG: "We understand hating comes with the territory."


Let's call Ray up and axe him to pray for the show.

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