Panicked Yankees inexplicably inject rehabbing Aaron Judge with cortisone

A cortisone shot is a failure in 90% of the cases in which it is used. It only works in repetitive type injuries in which the repetition is then stopped. So when one hears that the panicked Yankees gave Aaron Judge a cortisone shot while he's already rehabbing a chip too may begin worrying.

Brian Cashman, "We thought maybe 3 weeks would cover it. But it's going to be longer than that. So we missed on the time frame. We repeated an MRI the other day to get a status. Normally, we underpromise & overperform where we give an extended round. We thought maybe three weeks would cover it. But it’s going to be longer than that. So we missed on the time frame. We’ve repeated the MRI just to be certain that there’s nothing new or nothing missed. Everything is as expected. They gave him a cortisone shot to alleviate the pain. So, he was down yesterday. Today, depending on how he feels, he could start potentially progressing."

We thought 3 weeks but we missed on the time frame yet everything is as expected and he got a cortisone shot. You go with that, Brian.

And here come the Mariners and A's...

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