The Sam Biser Save Your Life Herbal Video Collection

The Sam Biser Save Your Life Herbal Video Collection - the Complete Talks with Dr. Richard Schulze

A Layman's Course on Curing Last-Stage Diseases

Tape #01: Introduction: There are no incurable diseases. Everybody can be well if they want it bad enough.

Tape #02: The basic programs for curing people who are not supposed to live.

Tape #03: Breast cancer: Thousands of women have healed themselves with the programs on this video.

Tape #04: Prostate cancer: How to cure even massive tumors that have spread throughout the body.

Tape #05: Fast-growing cancers that kill in months. How to cure them.

Tape #06: Finally revealed: Why most herbal products you buy belong in the trash, not in your mouth.

Tape #07: Infusions, fomentations, poultices, and ointments… How to make them strong enough to dissolve tumors.

Tape #08: Making tinctures: What you need to know to cure loved ones that doctors have sent on the die.

Tape #09: Bodywork: How to blow away blockages that keep herbs from getting to sick organs.

Tape #10: Water treatments: Just as powerful as herbs. Skip them and you may die.

Tape #11: Serious mistakes that can stop your recovery.

Tape #12: Top questions from viewers on curing cancer at home.

The Biser Save Your Life set also came with a 500 page book titled The Sam Biser Save Your Life Herbal Video Collection User Manual.

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