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NY Post Goes Too Far with Their Erin Andrews Peephole Pictures

Andy Soltis and the NY Post have gone too far with their coverage (5 day late coverage) of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews' video violation and the choice of the peephole pictures that they have published today.

Most sites have used a photo of Erin from other events or the one up close photo from the tape of her face like the one on the left.

But not the Post.

In both print today and in an online photo carousel accompanying Soltis' article ESPN HOTTIE ERIN ANDREWS IN PEEP SHOCKER NUDE HOTEL VIDEO SPLASHED ONLINE - The NY Post published way too much of the tape. Enough to violate Andrews all over again.

Erin's attorney Marshall B. Grossman released a statement last Friday. Soltis writes today, "Andrews' lawyer, Marshall B. Grossman, confirmed yesterday she was "surreptitiously videotaped" while "in the privacy of her hotel room." Confirmed yesterday? That's the exact statment that he released via PRNewswire on July 17th! Will Phil Mushnick - who hates when ESPN uses the 'ESPN has confirmed reports' of news that is broken by another station - include Soltis' nonsense in his next column? He should.

Grossman's Friday statement continued, "Although the perpetrator or perpetrators of this criminal act have not yet been identified, when they are identified she intends to bring both civil and criminal charges against them and against anyone who has published the material." Note - he does not say 'anyone who has published the video'. He says 'published the material'.

We're not going to link to the article nor are we going to run the pictures. We've blacked out their cover in order to let you get a feel. Trust us - the online pics AND the print edition are much worse.

Will Neil Best comment on this please?


  • Neil Best of Newsday Agrees on WatchDog

  • Your move Soltis and/or Mushnick...to use a chess reference...I personally expect Phil to act as ombudsman and call the editor out who placed those photos. I honestly do.

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