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Jenn Sterger Joins Versus 'Blog Heavy' Sports Show 'The Daily Line'

Versus announced today its first daily live studio show, The Daily Line, will debut April 5 at 6 p.m. ET, opposite ESPN's SportsCenter...and one of the hosts is our own pal, Jennifer Sterger.

USA Today reports that Line will attempt to do what ESPN had hoped SportsNation would do (and hasn't). "Most shows have the same formula, with hosts in suits in front of a plasma screen showing highlights," producer Andy Meyer says. "This show will curate what's happening all over the Web that day....And we don't want to have a lot of people shouting about sports, there's already too much of that."

Meyer added that Line will, "have a huge presence of material from blogs, more than any other show." Jenn said, "I always felt sports TV was a bunch of guys in suits yelling at me. Other shows don't exactly know how to use social media and the Web," says Sterger. "Since I'm practically living on the Web, I've got a pulse on what going on out there.....And I'll be personally accessible to the audience, except for my personal phone number."

Officially...Jenn Sterger

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