Craig Carton Helped Push Sal Licata Out at WFAN: NYBD

NYBD's Mike Silva reports today that, get this, Craig Carton...beacon of light for morality and justice...played a role in pushing Sal Licata out the WFAN door:

According to [Tony] Marino, Carton decided he would help Sal out the door by complaining about Licata’s treatment of interns, misuse of WFAN tickets for unauthorized Twitter contests where no rules or safeguards were put in place, and Sal’s calling his little sporadic fill in show “The Sal Licata ” show. This played a part in the ultimate dismissal of Licata.

One has to believe that the straw that broke the Licata's back was at play over at WFAN.

Sliva continued:

Mariano added that a Pine Belt Chevrolet sales manager called to get Licata to ask Mike Francesa for some last minute tickets and he said the “answer was no and I don’t have to ask Mike. Look at the website I am listed as a personality on my own not just with Mike.” It appears the years of being a lap dog caught up to Licata (can you blame him?) and he was tired of being the errand boy after he started hosting on the overnights.

See, Licata wasn't being truthful when he tweeted:

@BobsBlitz ... if asked I would RUN to get Mike anything he wanted, I do not get his lunch

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