Francesa Couldn't Save Sal Licata's WFAN Job After CBS Got Involved

We told you earlier that CBS/WFAN had fired Sal Licata for 'saying something' to a sponsor. 3 independent sources now confirm, allegedly, that the sponsor in question was the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. Which is interesting because we joked after Intern Gate in Sal Licata Fingered by 2nd WFAN Intern as Living at Home on June 9, 2010 that:

"We're sure that the Connecticut School of Broadcasting is curious as to whether it needs to consider sending their graduates to intern at Kramerica."

All 3 sources indicate that Licata allegedly contacted CSB after that remark, told them that 'even though he had a bad experience there' he was about to be getting a lot more air-time and that if CSB became a sponsor during his shows.....'he'd forget how badly they treated him.'

CSB took this offer as tantamount to extortion.

And so did CBS. (Little rough? Perhaps - but CSB stocks WFAN's intern stable.) That's right - WFAN's Mark Chernoff still didn't want to fire him. (And in the 2nd nice thing said about him in less than a week - Mike Francesa apparently wanted to stand up for Sal - and was told to sit down by CBS)

Sal begged to keep his job, but Chernoff was ordered to let him go.

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