Major News: Mike Francesa to Join Boomer & Carton Tomorrow

WFAN's Mike Francesa has only co-broadcast with Boomer & Carton once, back in August of 2009 live at Citi Field. (Video via Tracy Burgess)

Industry moles have confirmed that the reunion will occur tomorrow on the B&C Program as part of WFAN's 25th Anniversary celebration.

It may look just a bit like this (photo via MF Photography, click pic for full size).

We've laid some odds on the get together:

4-1: Carton does his Mad Dog impersonation (was 2-1 prior to Sour Shoes making a Mike's On appearance on Wednesday).

7-1: Boomer asks Mike if he still likes Inge.

10-1: Carton tells Francesa that his favorite number is #1. Asks Mike what his favorite number is.

25-1: Call ends in a hang-up.

No matter how it goes should be good, fun radio.

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